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Stroke is one of the killer diseases nowadays. It is also the main cause of death and disability internationally.

Getting six or fewer hours of sleep per night, a new study says, will make you four times more likely to suffer a stroke. Seven to nine hours are recommended, but 30 percent of Americans get six hours or less, according to a recent government study. The new study focuses on people of normal weight and health.

Aside from obesity, hypertension, being a smoker. Lack of sleep is also one of the main reasons for stroke. The recommended time of sleep is usually from seven to nine hours a day. But many of us because of the work or the lifestyle that we have. We just have a few hours of sleep a night, and these are the people who are at high risk of stroke. Having insomnia or having a hard time to get some sleep is one of the reasons why we have a lack of sleep.

The new study focuses on people of normal weight and health. People know how important diet and exercise are in preventing strokes, but they are less aware of the impact of insufficient sleep, according to the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Based on a studied lack of sleep leads to weight gain. People with a lack of sleep are more prone to gain weight because of metabolism and appetite.

The number of people who report getting eight hours or more of sleep a night has dropped from 38 percent in 2001 to 28 percent, says the National Sleep Foundation. Having a proper sleep of seven to eight hours a night is like protecting yourself in developing the disease.