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ThermiVa® Feminine Rejuvenation

The ThermiVa rejuvenation procedure utilizes Temperature Restrained Radio frequency energy to mildly heat tissue that enables women to renew, reclaim and maintain feminine well-being without the need for surgery. The complete ThermiVa feminine rejuvenation procedure includes three different sessions in a period of three months to achieve the best results.

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About ThermiVa® Feminine Rejuvenation
How it Works

The ThermiVa Feminine Rejuvenation treatment directs Restrained Thermal Energy to the internal (vagina) and/or external (labia) to reclaim and maintain feminine well-being without any downtime or pain.

This procedure is recommended for urinary incontinence and vaginal atrophy, and it’s also great for women seeking a ‘mommy’ makeover.

  • Urinary incontinence & vaginal laxity
  • Vaginal dryness and burning
  • Vaginal itching and pain during intercourse
  • Loss of tone & elasticity

How can Thermiva Feminine Rejuvenation  Help You?

Childbearing, hormonal changes, and natural aging can affect female intimate areas leading to lower quality of life and confidence. Did you know urinary incontinence affects over 25% of US women according to the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology? If you have pelvic relaxation and are interested in nonsurgical options, come to MD Laser and Cosmetics for a consultation with Dr. Susan Lin who is a practicing gynecologic surgeon for 28 years to discuss Intimate rejuvenation. We use ThermiVa, a painless and FDA-approved procedure to tighten, reshape and improve vaginal and labial tissues to improve sensitivity, appearance, moisture, and urinary incontinence. Our feminine rejuvenation procedure is safe and produces results in most cases after a single treatment. There is no downtime or surgery so you can go on with the normal activity.

Excess laxity of the labia and vaginal area or dryness can cause discomfort and affect self-confidence. The vaginal rejuvenation performed by our certified and experienced physician will improve your feminine wellness and confidence. After going through the feminine rejuvenation with us, many of our patients have reported the following benefits:

  • Reduce stress urinary incontinence
  • Improve sensitivity during sex
  • Wear a tight bikini and swimsuit without embarrassing camel toe
  • Cosmetic improvement in the intimate area
  • Improve vaginal moisture

What are the key advantages of Thermiva feminine rejuvenation?

Here are some of the key benefits that come with vaginal rejuvenation.

  • Customized to patient’s individual needs
  • Enhance sexual gratification
  • Existing medical conditions improved
  • Restore tightness of your vaginal area
  • Tight clothing fit comfortably
  • Vaginal dryness reduced
  • Genitals Cosmetic improvements
  • Stress urinary incontinence eliminated

How to choose a professional cosmetic surgeon for Thermiva feminine rejuvenation treatment?

When you are thinking of intimate rejuvenation, then the most vital decision is who will perform the procedure. We know that surgical procedures need specialized training to make sure the safety of the patient and get a successful result. Feminine rejuvenation or intimate rejuvenation must be performed by an experienced and licensed surgeon.

You must check the credentials of the surgeon prior to choosing anyone. Picking a surgeon who is certified is a good place to begin. Ensure that the surgeon has some years of experience in this procedure and operates in accredited surgical facilities. Feminine rejuvenation treatment is a safe, fast, and effective treatment without incisions.

Most women experience vaginal dryness as they age. But any female of any age can have this problem. Vaginal rejuvenation restores vaginal lubrication simply by rectifying problems stemming from childbirth or age.

Thermiva Vaginal Rejuvenation

What Patients Have to Say…

From Yelp: “…life gets so busy, but I must share my experience. I received ThermiVa treatment back in August 2017. It was only one treatment but believe me when I tell you that it was a game changer for me. Yes, I was vein enough to even get a before and after picture, too! The difference is night and day. Visualize a dying pink rose in a petri dish soaking up magical water. Within an hour, the wilted rose springs back to life and transforms into a crispy flower — fresh as the first day it was pricked. I have never gotten’ so much admiration and compliment from my man on how beautiful “IT” is. And, after periodic self review, I must concur with his analysis. Dr. Lin is my go-to for not only beauty but life rejuvenation! Really!!!!” – Mac“

Frequently Asked Question

You may have wondered about ThermiVa® Feminine Rejuvenation. If it's what you need or how it works.

Patients can expect to have a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual experience as well as the correction of any defects that may include discoloration.  

There is no down time with ThermiVa.  You can resume normal activity immediately after procedure.  No need for pelvic rest.

ThermiVa procedure is not painful.  No anesthesia required.

You will see immediate result after treatment.

Possible bladder infection after procedure.  If you have recurrent bladder infection, we will prescribe prophylactic antibiotics prior to treatment.

To allow optimal contact between your skin and treatment tip.

Shaving day before treatment may irritate skin, which can make treatment less comfortable.

Many women suffer from urinary leakage.  There are many different type and causes of incontinence.  ThermiVa helps with urinary leakage due to atrophy and mild to moderate genuine stress urinary incontinence.  Urinary incontinence due to detrusor instability (overactive bladder) is better controlled with combination of bladder relaxing medication Ditripan, bladder drills, estrogen or new growth peptides.   Incontinence due to intrinsic sphincter deficiency is best treated with surgical slings or intraurethral fillers.   See your gynecologist to determine the best treatment modality for you.

ThermiVa works by improving the external appearance and sensitivity of outer female genitalia. Internally tighten and firm vaginal tissue while elevate bladder.

Improve appearance, moisture, sensitivity and tightening is achieved with each treatment.

You should notice improvement with each treatment.  Depending on your starting point and desired end result will determine number of treatments.

Depending on usage. Most desire touch up once or two times per year.  We recommend using MD Intimate Restore serum to enhance the result and duration.

Many breast cancer survivors suffer from decrease sensitivity and lubrication from

Chemotherapy or hormonal therapy.  ThermiVa can help improve moisture and sensitivity.

Yes, we have had treated patient with chronic lichen sclerosis.  By improving skin texture and moisture, was able to decrease irritation.  If you have lichen sclerosis, make sure you have confirmation from gynecologist to rule out other problems including cancer before selecting elective treatment.

Dr. Lin is a board certified gynecological surgeon practicing in the Bay Area for over 25 years. At MD Laser, our mission is to focus on anti-aging, wellness and aesthetics. to help woman feel more confident about themselves.  During your consultation, Dr. Lin will examine, assess and make recommendation for suitable treatment options.

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What our clients say about us

Dr.Susan is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and genuine! Her and Cassandra are a wonder duo that made me feel like the most important client ever. I was happy with the IPL and the tinted mineral sunscreen. The products are top notch.

Christine B.

Always love going to see Dr Lin! She is meticulous and incredibly knowledgeable at a holistic level . After seeing her several times I have been happy with every visit!

Selma Khan

Saw a lot of positive reviews on google and I made an appointment! I did laser hair removal for armpit hair. Dr. Lin did a great job and she is really professional. …

Ming-Hsuan Wu

Dr. Lin is very professional and knew the exact treatment for my case with the best products for the best results. It was an amazing experience with her and her assistant Cassandra at the clinic and would recommend it to anybody.

Manny Murcia

Had removal of skin tag on my face. Dr. Lin was very professional and provided great service while adhering to health and safety issues regarding Covid-19. Result was great and probably will require another follow-up and healing was almost complete in 3-4 days.

William C.

Dr. Lin is the perfect mix of friendly and professional, upscale and affordable. Her staff even go as far as helping my elderly father locate a misplaced wallet by calling every place we were prior to the appointment. They are a stellar

Juliano Innocenti

This review is for an IPL (photo facial) service. With numerous over the counter creams and concealer, none of the products seemed to correct or cover the sun spots that I developed over the years. Finally searched on Yelp and read …

Celinda Moore

Dr. Lin is an artist from beginning to end. She treats every patient like a work of art. She puts the meaning in "aging gracefully".

Melissa McPhail

Dr Lin always takes her time to explain everything and answer all my questions. She is so great doing all the treatments need it. She is not pushy or rush into doing something that you don’t need. I can recommend her enough. Thank you Dr Lin!!

Joan Pulido

Dr Lin is an excellent doctor and can recommend the best skin treatments for you specific to your age and skin type. She uses cutting edge technology and cosmeceuticals that she develops herself called MD Cosmetics, which produce wonderful …

Christine Kipp