Treatments and expectations vary from person to person and we may not be able to always treat you for what you made appointment for. To assess if you are a candidate for the procedure and proceed with treatment, our physician needs to take a history, examine you and have a discussion to determine if we are comfortable with treating you.

Consultation Fee:

Patients seeing physician are charged $150 for consultation fee. Fee is non-refundable and not applicable for products. Should we determine treatment is not indicated or if we are not comfortable treating you, it is non-refundable. First time patients are offered virtual consultations to permit easier communication with physician without restriction of masks. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so with 24 hours notification. We offer booking on line for your convenience and will reach out to you to confirm your appointment. New appointments made online without consultation fee deposit will be automatically cancelled within 2 working days.

Cancellation Fee:

Cancellation fee of $150 applies to appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notification.

Suitability for Treatment:

MD Laser and Cosmetics physician does not accept all patients for treatment we deem unsuitable for the procedure. While every effort is made to achieve desired outcome, you as the patient understand that there are no guaranteed outcomes or benefits. MD Laser & Cosmetics reserves the right to cancel or decline further management of any patient if the clinical opinion of medical physician patient is unsuitable for further care.


Every patient will have photography at initial consultation as part of normal procedure. Photographs will also be taken if needed during follow up. Images will not be shared or published without prior written permission.

Refund Policy:

MD Laser and Cosmetic physician will make every reasonable effort to achieve aesthetic outcomes, however no guarantees are offered. With every human body and face is different and may react differently, it is therefore not possible for MD Laser and Cosmetics to refund procedure fees.

Review of Procedure:

Depending on the procedure, most follow ups are after 4 weeks except in cases of emergencies, for example infection. Typical post treatment swelling, lumpiness, asymmetry, unless advised by physician, are best assessed after at least 4 weeks.


All humans are asymmetrical. MD Laser and Cosmetics will do our best to improve asymmetry. All corrections of asymmetry post treatments are at the cost of the patient.

Half mls of Dermal Fillers:

MD Laser and Cosmetics do not offer half mls of dermal fillers. Should you require less than one ml of dermal filler, your doctor may suggest other areas of the product to be used for enhancement. You will pay for the price of one ml if remainder of dermal filler is discarded.