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How To Treat Dark Circles By Medical Spa San Mateo

Having dark circles under your eyes can be the most frightening thing for women and men. These harmless circles can come out by not getting enough sleep or by daily fatigue and stress.

Nowadays Darkcircle Treatment by Medical Spa San Mateo that can help to diminish the color of the dark circles under your eyes. These includes home treatments that have passed from generation to generation and have had wonderful results.

Home Treatment

Next we will show some of these treatments for you to put them in practice if you ever suffer from dark circles:

1) Sleep more but careful with extra hours

The sleep is very important so that dark circles don’t form under the eyelids. To avoid them remember to sleep your 8 hours, don’t see it as an obligation but as a beauty treatment. It’s important to emphasize that if you sleep excessively, you will awake slightly swollen, so keep in mind that more is not always better.How To Treat Dark Circles By Medical Spa San Mateo

2) Cold compress applications

Many cosmetologists use cold compresses when dealing with dark circles under the eyes and also when the area is swollen. This technique helps to lower inflammation quickly and decrease the dark color below of the eyelids.

You can apply the cold compresses every day, for about 20 minutes. Remember that this method doesn’t eliminate it completely, it only helps a little. It’s recommended that you rest enough so that the appearance of fatigue disappears.

3) Application of wet tea bags

Tea not only helps to calm the nerves, sleep better or is a great beverage, also works to reduce the inflammation under your eyes, it’s important that you know this so that you use this useful product that you can find in your own house.

4) Try to lie down with your head a little high

The secret to not get up swollen is to sleep with the perfect inclination. You will surely wonder what I mean, it is very simple, you should rest your head on some pillows to prevent you from being completely straight, in this way the liquid that is stored under the eyes, doesn’t get to accumulate there and thus avoid being swollen in the morning.

5) Makeup treatment (only emergency)

In extreme cases we recommend covering those dark circles with makeup, acquire the right one for your skin and learn to use it for moments of urgency, although remember that is better to treat this naturally.

Given the case that none of the home treatments we gave you help, use professional treatment in Medical Spa San Mateo to resolve it.