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Dark Circle Treatment


What causes dark circles?

Dark circles under our eyes can make us look irritated, sad and overall aged.  Don’t let dark pigmentation take away from the natural beauty of your face. Although dark eye circles can be due to genetics or even Anemia, some of the most common causes are pigmentation build up, weight loss, thinning of the skin, and venous congestion. Dehydration, lack of sleep and overall poor lifestyle can also contribute to the development of dark circles.


What are the latest treatments available in treating dark eye circles?

Make up can hide mild cases of dark circles but is not effective in moderate to severe cases.  For pigmentation cases we recommend using a skin brightener such as MD Brightening Cream followed with MD Ultimate Eye Cream designed to improve the volume by filling in the space under the eyes known as tear trough. It will also improve circulation to diminish the bluish hue under the eyes.  We will offer either HA filler, laser, Dermapen Microneedle, PRP Rejuvenation, Mesotherapy with Growth Factors to further improve under eye skin texture and volume.  Dr. Susan Lin will give you a professional evaluation and recommend a customized treatment option to meet your specific needs.