Frizzy Stressed Brittle Thin Hair

Winter weather is one of your hair’s worst enemies. Icy cold winds ravage and tangle your hair. Exposure to harsh winds and snow can cause your hair to be brittle and dry. Even the indoor heating has a terrible drying effect.

Protection is the most important key to combating winter’s harsh effects on your hair. Use a moisturizing conditioner every time you wash your hair. A good, thick conditioner coats your hair, adding and sealing in moisture and should have ingredients such as essential oils, fatty acids, humectants and sunscreen.

Depending on your hair type, consider conditioning packs or hair treatments. You can look online for homemade recipes. Some ideas are a simple as coating your hair in olive oil or mayonnaise. Alternatively use MD Revitalizing Conditioner as weekly hair mask. Simply leave on for 30 min and allow the omega oil rich Amazon Sachi oil nourish your hair and scalp while active ingredient Stimucap help address thinning hair and irritated scalp. Your hair will feel soft without oily buildup and smell wonderful from the essential oil fragrance.