Cellulite Treatment

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a very common skin condition affecting over 85% of women over the age of 20 during their lifetime. Cellulite affects both men and women but appears to be much more common in women because of the fat distribution pattern and skin elasticity. Cellulite can be found in very thin athletes as well as moderate and heavy individuals.

It can affect various body parts, but the most common areas are buttock, inner and outer thighs, and upper arms.  Appearance can be lumpy and dimpled.  It can be embarrassing and is sometimes called cottage cheese and orange peel.

What causes Cellulite?

There is no one factor known to be solely responsible for the formation of cellulite, but some of the key factors that are thought to be contributory are diet, genetics, hormones and inappropriate clothing.

Loss of elasticity due to genetic or aging causes the lumpy appearance of cellulite.  If one gains weight, the fat cells enlarge and distort the smooth tissue.  Further adding to the uneven skin texture.

How bad is my cellulite?

There are 3 Grades of Cellulite, which determine the severity and guide the choice of treatment

Grade 1 Cellulite is when you cannot visually see the cellulite skin changes but they are there when the skin is examined under a microscope.

Grade 2 Cellulite is the most common and happens when the skin loses it’s elasticity and you start to visualize the early dimpling of the skin visible to the naked eye.

Grade 3 Cellulite is the most severe and most difficult to treat and might require a combination of treatments to reduce the size of fat cells and to tighten the skin

Does diet and exercise work for cellulite?

Many modalities have been tried to modify the factors contributing to the formation of cellulite, but there is no one treatment that fits all.

One can modify the diet by vitamins, peptides, anti-oxidants and collagen to improve the strength of skin the smooth out the uneven texture.  Reducing processed food and eating healthy anti-oxidants may help.  Exercise to improve lymphatic drainage and tone to underlying muscle can also help.

Do diet pills work for cellulite?

There are no scientific studies or FDA approved pills that target cellulite reduction. One must exercise extreme caution when deciding to consume a pill that is used off label, as side effects may be devastating. We prefer not to use diet pills due to safety concerns.

Do cellulite creams work?

There is a variety of topical products s available.  Most include: retinol, Vitamin A derivative, caffeine, amino acids, Trental (pentoxifylline), theophyline, and Indian chestnut.  Unfortunately they are mostly anecdotal not yet proven in scientific research.

How can we help?

Dr. Lin offers an expert consultation where she will determine the grade of the cellulite, evaluate the skin elasticity and explain the latest effective, FDA approved and non-invasive modalities to effectively target the problem areas.

What does Dr. Lin offer for Cellulite treatment?

We offer using Nova Thread mesh lift to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

It is an in office procedure without pain or downtime.  Small threads of suture are placed in the area to help stimulate healthy tissue growth while supporting the tissue for a lift to reduce appearance of cellulite