Aging Hands

How to improve veiny and wrinkly hands in San Mateo, CA

Match your hands to your beautiful face!

Let’s help make the hands that rock the cradle look good again. Women focus on their face, then slowly improve their necks and chest to match their face.  However we must not forget about  another important part of our body, the hands.  We all love advances in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.  What can one do to help their hands.

What causes hand aging?

Hands start to look older when the skin loses its elasticity and the fat disappears, giving way to bulging veins and tendon’s. What’s important to consider is also appearance of dark spots or sun spots which give away the aging hands. Therefore the perfect combination treatment is to remove the age spots, tighten and thicken  aging thinning skin and plump up the volume.

How can we help?

Hand rejuvenating is gaining great popularity these days as a very simple and quick procedure with fantastic results. The exact treatment one person might need is very different from the other as the hands differ.  Some people simply want to remove the unwanted age spots which they feel embarrassed about, while others have more pronounced volume loss, which gives them a very bony and old looking hand appearance and treatment for these two hands are very different as well.

How is the treatment done?

Dr. Lin will educate you about all the different options during your consultation.   We would start by adding topical 20% Vitamin C Serum to stimulate collagen production.  Increasing oral supplementation of collagen and HA will also help to strengthen the skin.  If there are dark spots,  start using a prescription strength bleaching cream to lighten the spots.   One can also have a chemical peel  followed by at home enzyme peels to remove outer dull skin and stimulate younger skin regeneration.

To improve the volume, one can inject growth factor peptides and hyaluronic acid fillers to quickly restore the volume.  There are no downtime from the procedure and depending on the severity of volume loss will determine number of treatments needed.  Newer  threads composed of filler material are being used to tighten an volumize the hands .

With the help of new anti-aging growth factors and injection techniques you can have young and rejuvenated hands that will not give your age away.