5 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal In Medical Spa San Mateo

MD Cosmetics Benefits of Laser Hair Removal in San Mateo and San Francisco

We all have hair in unwanted places. 

How many times we haven’t wanted to be hairless to avoid our long shaving routines?!

We would like to have our legs always ready for a romantic date with our favorite dress. Or have our armpits ready for a trip to the beach with our friends. And of course we all want our lips to be free of hair to show off our beautiful smile!

Well, let me tell you that this is possible! Laser Hair Removal in medical spa San Mateo, CA is one of the most popular methods today for its multiple benefits and especially for it’s promise to get rid of hair permanently.

Good bye gorilla legs, painful wax! and bye bye unwanted pimples in unwanted places!

The best option to remove unwanted hair

Coming next you’ll find the best 5 benefits of the Laser by medical spa San Mateo:

1.- It’s a fast process

In our busy lives, we always go at 1000 km/h. We have work, responsibilities, spouses, children, gym and endless activities that consume our time. We need a quick treatment that fits into our tight schedule!

Although the session’s time depends on the area we want to attack, the truth is that a session can last less than 20 minutes in small areas or 40 minutes tops in large areas such as our long legs! The laser can treat an area approximately the size of a quarter every second.

2.- Any part of the body is possible

The possibilities are endless! Every part that you want to treat is possible because the laser attacks the hair follicle, wherever there is hair, the laser will be able to remove it without problems.

3.- Say goodbye to the annoying ingrown hairs

If your skin is sensitive and you have stopped shaving because the fearsome ingrown hairs. If the wax leaves your legs irritated and using an infinity of creams to calm the burning. The laser is your solution!

Laser is the best treatment in medical spa San Mateo to prevent ingrown hairs. The pulse of energy favors the vertical growth of the hair.

4.- It’s almost pain-free

Compared with the painful process of waxing, where you feel as if the skin is ripped from your legs, this treatment is almost painless! It feels like a small electric current or a small prick. In most of the places they use ice to numb the area and you can even fall asleep during the session since you don’t feel pain. Perfect for our most delicate areas!

5.- Over time you save money

Have you ever thought about how much money we spend per year on razors, waxes, shaving foam, cream treatments, and an infinite number of products for hair removal? It’s a lot of money that we could be using in other things!

With the laser, the hair is getting thinner between each session. Most patients can achieve permanent hair loss within 3 and 7 sessions! So over time the money saved will be greater than what you invested in a few sessions of Laser hair removal!