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Why do you exercise? To look better… to live a longer and healthier…Enjoy the mental clarity and physical energy that exercise delivers? Whatever your reasons for working out, are you doing exercises that you despise? Exercise can be downright fun, so why waste your time performing strenuous physical activities that you hate?

Your Hatred Can Spread: There may be some exercises that you dread. However, you have heard it is perfect for delivering the result you’re looking for. So you continue with it in your regular workout. Sometimes a day or 2 in advance of your hated form of physical fitness, you begin to think about how much you would prefer to be doing something else.

This can lead to a big problem: When you attach a negative emotion to any form of exercise, that emotion can spread to your entire routine. Your brain equates the bad feelings for that one particular form of exercise and unconsciously you begin to resent other exercises as well. These changes are gradual, slowly leading you to a hatred of exercise in general.

You Increase Your Risk of Injury: You know, proper form is everything when it comes to working out. If you perform an exercise correctly, your results come quicker. You also limit your risk of injury. When you don’t like a particular exercise, your mind wanders and may lead to imperfect form, and eventual injury.

There Are Plenty of Smart Alternatives: Probably the best argument for not doing exercises you hate is this … there are dozens, and in some cases, even hundreds of alternatives. The list of alternatives to the plank body weight exercise is seemingly endless. The same is true for sit-ups, push-ups, yoga asanas (hatha yoga), pilates forms and weightlifting exercises. On YouTube type in “___exercises”, where you fill in the blank for the body part you are trying to work out. You can also fill that blank with the name of your most hated exercise.

Discovering numerous exercises, many be fun and enjoyable, and effectively replace the ones you dislike. The added benefit is you will also find that working a body part in different ways improves your results.

There is no need to force yourself to continue any exercises you dislike. There are too many smart reasons to switch to an alternative that delivers the same results. Exercise can boost your mental and physical levels of health. Reaching those rewards should be fun and enjoyable, and not something you dread looking forward to.