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Reason You Gain Weight

a.) Your stomach starts functioning normally, due to the fact that nicotine isn’t suppressing your appetite anymore. Imagine waking up one day eating more than ever, that is what it should feel like. Improved (newfound) sense of taste allowing you to enjoy your food more causing you to overeat, and the absence of the smell left in your mouth after smoking. Picture every meal delicious as if prepared specially by a high class chef.

b.) Increased appetite, due to the stress of quitting smoking and cravings. Throwing down a back of potato chips when you had a tough day (is okay…sometimes) but while trying to quit, it is going to happen more often than you think.

How To Deal With It

a.) Lengthen the time you spend eating by chewing your food more than usual, taking smaller bites, cutting your food properly before putting it in your mouth. Make a detailed record of the food you eat, getting a grasp of your calorie intake.

b.) Find something that serves as an alternative to smoking, such as a low-calorie snack, a carrot stick, a sugarless lollypop or a piece of gum