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Ok, you are finished with breast-feeding and baby is finally sleeping through the evening giving you some extra time for yourself.  While becoming a mother brings happiness and joy, you may notice their body is not as “young looking” especially from unsightly darker skin patches. Our arm pit, nipple, neck, lower belly and intimate areas can become significantly darker making it less than desired. While this is “normal” due to hormonal changes, we all look and feel as pretty as we did before having a baby.   Read on if you need a solution to this problem.

First of all, it is not recommended to use any skin whitening/lightening products during pregnancy and breast feeding period other than vitamin c serum.  Topical vitamin C is safe in pregnancy and will help brighten skin tone while protect from sun. Chose one that is high in L-Ascorbic and remains clear after opening indicating the product is still active.

We recommend using MD Brightening Cream 3% daily.  Their active ingredients 3% hydroquinone will gently lighten darken skin area gradually without irritation.  Apply once per day and note gradual fading of the area over 4-8 weeks.   Take a before and after photo every month so you can monitor your progress.    Once you obtain the desire restoration, can stop using the product.  Because it is also normal to have darker pigmentation over the same area as we age, you can repeat usage once per year to return your skin to youthful appearance and regain beauty confidence.

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