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What is Kybella Treatment in Medical Spa San Francisco, CA

Thanks to new advances in science in the area of ​​cosmetology and face care, a new treatment has been developed called Kybella. Did you know you can get Kybella Treatment in Medical Spa San Francisco, CA?

The new era

This wonderful treatment can be injected, for the affection of the jowl or double chin that is located or is formed in the neck region. Both men and women can do it.

Due to the changes that arise when the years go by and we get older with age. Changes occur around our body and these can affect us negatively as we become more sedentary and tend to accumulate fat in places such as the neck and face area, resulting in the development of this problem.

Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful facial silhouette in plain sight? What happens is that due to the increase of fat in this specific region of the neck. This has a negative effect in our desire to have a perfect facial balance. This non-surgical treatment may be the solution you need to forget about that fat once and for all.

What is the secret behind this new treatment?Kybella Treatment in Medical Spa San Francisco

In Kybella Treatment, a concentrated solution of a chemical compound called deoxycholic acid is used. It is injected in specific regions.

This acid is a natural acid produced by the liver and in the gallbladder is secreted in the intestine. Deoxycholic acid do different types of functions, such as:

  1. Makes a better digestion of fats consumed.
  2. It helps a lot in the body’s function of taking the right Vitamins.
  3. Helps in the decomposition of everything related to cholesterol in the body.

 How this treatment works?

Deoxycholic acid can be compared to the process performed by the digestion hormone in our digestive system. As well as the intestine and the gallbladder do when releasing enzymes that help us to better process food and have a pleasant digestion. The concentrated solution of this compound helps eliminate all types of fats in the neck and face region.

The Kybella Treatment at Medical Spa San Francisco, CA is the best option. For both, men and women who want to solve  the excessive accumulation of fat in the the neck and jaw. Usually this isn’t an ageing problem, it’s also due to hormonals problems such as problems by diseases or thyroid.

It’s imperative that patients consult with their doctor and perform appropriate tests to determine if they can access this new futuristic treatment.