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What is HCG?

In today’s image-conscious, social media crazy world of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, snap chat, everyone wants to flaunt a body that is nowhere less than a sculptured masterpiece of a Greek good. But, all we end up doing is put filters and use image editing software programs and make people jealous while we are getting jealous ourselves looking at their fab bodies. The reason for this false show is that how much ever we try of burning it that adamant lump of fat remains steadfast in the most awkward places and doesn’t budge. Measures like dieting, exercise, drinking insane amounts of water, eating bland food, and various other ones just leave us disappointed, fallen and heartbroken. Usually, the reason is that we are hitting the nail on the wrong end and expecting it to pierce a steel wall. You can get HCG weight loss treatment from med spa San Mateo.

med spa San MateoDon’t Try To Lose Weight The Wrong Way

Dieting or going on a low-calorie diet will certainly burn fat in the body but it just wouldn’t burn fat alone. It is a proven fact that fat is the last resort of our body and the body always stores it for survival in the toughest conditions and hence when you diet first your muscles burn and then the turn of fat comes. This whole process becomes counterproductive as the burning of excessive muscles makes you weak and powerless not fit. Fat will burn in the end if it is not targeted specifically and here lies the secret of losing weight the correct way. The HCG hormonal injections can do the trick for you. If you are wondering what is HCG then read on.

What Does HCG Do For Reducing Weight?

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a special hormone produced by the body in very low quantities which can do the magic trick for you. HCG is a prohormone. When you are on a calorie deficient diet it directs the body to burn fat and not your muscles. This is the most significant role of HCG in weight loss. You can get HCG weight loss treatment from med spa San Mateo. HCG is not a wonder drug which will burn your fat. It is an inhibitor which will stop your body from burning muscles when you are on a calorie deficient diet so that when you come to your normal diet routine your body just doesn’t start absorbing calories hungrily to maintain balance. This is the magic trick all the weight loss measures have been missing till date.

How weight loss actually happens on HCG diet?

When you are put on a weight loss plan with HCG you will have to undergo a highly calorie deficient diet for a period of time. You can get HCG weight loss treatment from med spa San Mateo.Your calorie intake might be reduced to 500-600 calories which are very low as compared to normal 1300 calories. You will be directed to take HCG injections in the belly directly. The deficiency of calories will make your look for energy inside. The direct infusion of HCG into the bloodstream will help in directing the body to consume fat first rather than muscles and you will lose weight without actually losing energy and power. Significant weight loss has been observed in hundreds of people who have undertaken HCG injections and that are why it is the latest craze in the people. Once you are on an HCG diet you will not need to put filters on your pictures or use Photoshop to make yourself look slim. You will actually get slim and stun people.