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The long line-ups at the mall. The over-indulgence of food and drink. The pressure of finding affordable gifts. Do you experience incredible stress at holiday time? If so, take a deep breath … and use these helpful tips to stay happy, healthy, and energized all season long!

Watch Your Portions!

During the most wonderful time of the year, it is difficult to avoid too many sweets, salty food and alcohol. So do what the French do: sample it all, but keep a close eye on portion size. Enjoy a little of everything. If your party schedule translates into skipped meals and fatty finger food, the solution is to add a couple of MD Ultimate Green capsules to your diet each day. They offer 16 vital nutrients that will not only help you feel better – but they will also help you lookbetter because they’re a “superfood” for your skin and hair!

Don’t Overspend

Lack of money is a major cause of stress during the holiday season. Instead of big ticket items, opt for gifts that are meaningful and personal. You can show love and caring with something as simple as a novel coffee mug … a scented candle … or a fun candid photo of ‘the two of you’ in an Ikea frame!

Make Exercise a Priority

There’s no doubt about it: research shows that going for a brisk walk or hitting the gym is one of the very best things you can do to relieve stress! In fact, a good work-out can boost your mood for up to 12 hours. Spend time with loved ones by turning exercise into a family activity: plan a day of skiing or ice skating; or organize a trip to the local YMCA for an afternoon of swimming!

Say No to the Phone

Cell phone buzzes and email alerts result in non-stop bursts of adrenaline within the body. At this time of the year, when stress levels are already heightened, why not turn your gadgets off for a few hours througout the day and during holiday get-togethers? You’ll enjoy yourself so much more; and your friends and family are sure to appreciate your undivided attention.

Get Proper Rest

Sleep plays a vital role in allowing the body to repair and regenerate; and many studies have shown that a lack of sleep may even cause hair loss. If the hustle and bustle of the holiday season winds you up, the answer may be as simple as taking a couple of MD Adrenal Pro supplements each day. MD Adrenal Pro supplements will help you get a better night’s rest as they are designed to have a calming effect by combating chronic stress along multiple biochemical pathways, including the endocrine, nervous, and immune system.

Feel the Music!

Whenever you feel a little anxious this holiday season, turn on your favorite tunes! Listening to the music you love not only has a calming effect, but research proves it actually relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow – which is good for the mind, the soul … and the heart!

Pamper Thyself

If you have been known to wear yourself out pleasing others during the holidays by entertaining, shopping, and attending every event, then please take a moment to schedule “ME” time. Reward yourself with a chemical peel, a photo facial or other beauty treatment that will make you look better and feel wonderful. Schedule an appointment atMD Laser and Cosmetics Center for any number of anti-aging beauty treatments and wellness offerings. Or shop md-factor.comfor premium at-home wellness and skincare products – including the MD Ultimate Beauty Drink and MD Stem Cell Factor 55—our most powerful youth-activating serum that encourages your own skin cells to regenerate.

Ultimate Green MD Ultimate Green

These daily supplements contain enzymes from a rich array of organically grown terrestrial plants that are skillfully blended with aquatic plant forms to provide extra health benefits. They supercharge your skin to achieve healthy, glowing younger-looking skin within 30 days.

Adrenal Pro MD Adrenal Pro

Adrenal Pro supplements were designed to combat chronic stress along multiple biochemical pathways, including the endocrine, nervous, and immune system.

Ultimate Beauty Drink MD Ultimate Beauty Drink

The MD Ultimate Beauty Drink is filled with the highest quality Norwegian white fish collagen, hyalurnonic acid and antioxidants for exceptional hair, skin and nails.

Stem Cell Factor MD Stem Cell Factor 

MD Ultimate Stem Cell Factor 55 is a youth-activating elixir that encourages skin’s natural genetic potential to regenerate. Made up of 55% active stem cell factors, this breakthrough serum delivers fast results to lift, firm and illuminate. As the stem cell factors encourage skin cell regeneration, skin becomes breathtakingly radiant and even.