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Restylane Wrinkle Treatments

wrinkle treatment

Wrinkle Prophylaxis

The most visible sign of aging is the development of wrinkles or rhytids. Let’s face it, wrinkles are a universal sign of the aging process. However, here at MD Laser & Cosmetics our philosophy is that you should look how you feel.

We proudly offer Wrinkle Prophylaxis and our main focus is to educate our clients about all available options to slow down the effects of time using the latest advancements in cosmetic technology.

The development of wrinkles is a complex phenomenon that takes into consideration many variables such as age, genes, sun exposure, smoking, poor nutrition and your overall lifestyle. Wrinkles are caused by thinning of the deeper skin layer known as the dermis.

What common are used for wrinkle treatment removal?

The most popular and effective skin care treatments approved by the FDA are peptides designed to relax your facial muscles. Products such as Botox and Dysport are excellent examples of successful mainstream products that give great results. Aside from offering these two treatments, here at MD Laser and Cosmetics we also offer our very own line of scientifically advanced products that when used in combination with our treatments, can dramatically alter your skin to a more radiant, youthful look.


Fight the Signs of Aging with Restylane Wrinkle Treatments

Restylane wrinkle treatment is an effective solution to smooth out and fill in worrisome wrinkles and lines, especially in the lower part of the face. It is applied to add volume to the face, and it corrects facial wrinkles and folds in an effective manner. The treatment is also used for lip enhancement for the people over 21 years.

What is the process of Restylane wrinkle treatment?

With no incision, the treatment is fairly convenient. It is commonly administered in doctor’s office. Your doctor may use local anesthesia to reduce any discomfort you may possibly experience during the process.

Is there any side-effect?

Any wrinkle treatment process may have some potential side-effects—Restylane is no different. Below are some possible side-effects you may possibly experience after the treatment:

  • Bleeding at the targeted areas
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction
  • Irregularities in the firmness of your skin

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Lin and see how safely and conveniently we provide the wrinkle treatment in San Mateo and the San Francisco Bay Area.