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The use of aesthetic dermatology has been increased for many years due to the positive responses of the covered treatments. People with old age can look and feel younger with the solutions provided by this branch, and the people with some skin related issues can rejuvenate their appearance with absolutely no extra efforts with the use of treatments covered under aesthetic dermatology in San Francisco. In this blog, you will get to know how this field of dermatology can be a game-changer for you. Let’s know about the same below!

Aesthetic dermatology can be a game changer for your appearance with the help of these five treatments:

IPL Photo facial:

IPL photofacial refers to intense pulsed light technology which is used for treating the damages caused by the sun. This facial is also useful in correcting the brown spots, ageing spots, rosacea on the hands, face, and body. Experience the amazing transformation with the use of this procedure, and look exceptionally beautiful.

Botox and dysport treatment:

Botox and dysport are simple and safe injectable procedures included in the cosmetic treatments. These injectable procedures are used for treating frown lines, relaxing facial muscles, repairing the vertical lip lines, lifting brows, neck bands, reshaping the face as per the desired shape, etc. Undergo this procedure, and look younger than before with absolutely no additional efforts.


People who want to reduce the fat below the chin or submental fat can utilize the value of kybella treatment. This is a skin tightening treatment, suggested for adults who desire to reduce the fat below their chin. If you want to undergo this treatment, then ensure that the desired area is not affected with an injection.

Instant threadlift treatment:

Ageing may put stress on your skin, and hence cause wrinkles on the face and body, which can be corrected with the use of Instant threadlift treatment. Under this procedure, the experts utilize the PDO absorbable suture to tighten, lift-up, and smooth-out the skin perfectly. Know more about the treatment by consulting the professionals on the website of MD Laser and Cometics.

Lip augmentation procedure:   

Get the desired lips irrespective of the ageing with the help of lip augmentation treatment. This is a short procedure, and the results of this lasts for 6 months and even to 2 years. Ensure that you are getting the treatment from an expert for the effective results.

Final Words:

Book appointment for the required aesthetic dermatology treatment on the website of MD Laser and Cosmetics, and get your time and efforts saved as compared to the offline mode. All the effective treatments are performed by an expert dermatologist Dr. Susan Lin. She is an experienced skin care specialist and a renowned expert in anti-aging procedures. You can get consultation from her, and improve your overall appearance.