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A wise saying: Skip all food, but not breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal; it is the food that gives momentum to your day-to-day activities. Therefore, a quality breakfast will automatically yield a quality lifestyle. Breakfast is important for your physical and mental growth. People who eat better breakfast have been found to be better performers than those who eat poor breakfast.

The importance of having a wholesome breakfast has lost significance in modern life. The working community has a tendency to skip breakfast and opt for fast food available in the market. Substitutes do not give the necessary nutrients to your body and can harm your body to a large extent.

Below is a summary of the essentials of a healthy breakfast that are recommended for an average human being.

  • Include wholegrain cereals. The cereal bran is an excellent source of fiber. Eating a wholegrain breakfast ensures better fiber content in the body to meet your energy demand. These are low in fat and cholesterol. Go for whole-grain oats, barley, wheat, maize, etc.
  • Add enough protein in your breakfast. Protein food is essential for bodybuilding. Protein-rich food satisfies your morning hunger and lets you manage long work hours without a problem. Breakfast foods rich in protein are milk, egg, peanut, soybean, etc. An excellent combination of a protein rich food will be a combination of nuts with milk. If you are in the habit of eating eggs, make sure that you eat an egg a day. Egg is a good source of Lutein that is essential for the health of your eyes. A poached egg with whole grain toast is an ideal combination of carbohydrates and protein.
  • Have a serving of fruits and vegetables. Our body needs fruits and fresh vegetables daily to protect us from diseases. The various vitamins and minerals present in most fruits and vegetables have nutrients that help fight diseases.
  • Avoid sugary breakfast. Sugar may result in low mental capacity. Also, some studies have proven that women who eat less sugar have better capacity to burn the fat than those who eat more.
  • Avoid processed meats. These are foods rich in saturated fats that are greatly damaging the heart. Most processed meats contain nitrite salts, which are found to be responsible for many diseases such as pancreatic disorders and colon cancer. Sliced and low fat meats such as chicken or turkey can be an alternative.

To sum up, a wholesome breakfast should consist of a bowl of wholegrain cereals, nuts with milk or egg and a serving of fruits and vegetables. One last note: Follow a regular eating pattern.