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How You Can Effectively Boost Immune System and  Fight Colds

How You Can Effectively Boost Immune System and Fight Colds

People who exercise regularly and those who rate themselves as physically fit has a more defense against upper-respiratory infections including winter colds these days.

A study by Appalachian State University, those who work out five days a week, are less suffered from 43% of respiratory infections. Furthermore, there are events that we have no control such as the change of weather and temperature. Fit people get sick too but their symptoms are less severe compared to those who don’t exercise at all. You can find different types of equipment at the gym or at home to use to help you exercise a few times a day.

The 10-Minute Exercise Prescription to boost immunity and avoid viral colds:

Studies show that just 10 minutes a day of low-impact exercises like walking, running on the treadmill, and weight lifting, can improve your general health. Reducing the size of your waistline has an amazing impact to prevent you from winter colds. Researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, LA., say every bit of it can definitely help.

And that’s an important benefit because belly fat can surround your vital organs which are linked to higher levels of disease-causing inflammation. However, we should also focus also on the importance of functional foods that helps our immune system strong.

Other few simple things you can do to avoid infections:

  • Drinking of water for at least 8 glasses a day
  • Take a vitamin supplementation that are free-radical fighting antioxidants (Selenium, A, C, and E)
  • Consume probiotics on a regular basis
  • Adding whole grains to your diets such as oatmeal, dark greens, berries, legumes, bananas.
  • Washing of hands frequently
  • Eat dark fruits and vegetables
  • Get enough rest
  • Get more sun exposure in the morning

In summary, just doing these simple steps and regular exercise can protect you against winter colds and help your immune system against any viral infections.


One Thing that the Government Got It Wrong About Obesity

One Thing that the Government Got It Wrong About Obesity

Do you think that the reason behind obesity is eating too much with less exercise?

The government claims that the reason why people are getting fat is they eat too much and don’t exercise. But according to one expert, this is not the real cause of obesity. Gary Taubes, an author and independent investigator in health policy at the University of California, Berkeley, says that there are many examples why it doesn’t work.

In 1934, at the height of the Great Depression, there was barely enough to eat, but there were so many fat kids in New York City, a childhood obesity clinic that was founded at Columbia University. What they eat were inexpensive, starchy or sweet foods that made them gained their weight.

One theory had been around for decades but has largely been ignored. It implicates refined sugars and grains because of the effect on the hormone insulin that regulates fat accumulation. Interaction can be found in medical textbooks.

A study by the National Institutes of Health shows that a low-carbohydrate diet, which is reduced in bread, pasta, and sweets, and choosing the red meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables are producing good results in preventing weight gain and achieving weight loss.

Few main causes of obesity:

  • Lack of physical activity
  • Eating more than enough regularly
  • Genetic inheritance
  • Increase of Carbohydrates on diet
  • Medicines associated with gaining weight such as antidepressants, anticonvulsants, some diabetes medications, certain hormones like oral contraceptives, some high blood pressure medications, and antihistamines
  • Some cases are due to psychological factors
  • Poor choices in healthy foods

The government is right that we shouldn’t eat a huge amount of foods, but how we eat makes a big difference.

But, is choosing all the right foods for our diet will solve everything?

Diets work if you don’t have enough determination why we should take good care of our body.

  • Instead of looking for the best diet program, have the right mindset on eating healthy food.
  • Choosing to exercise to lose weight? You should choose to exercise to be healthy.
  • Stop thinking about how you look. Surround yourself with good people who don’t focus on the looks of others but encourages you to keep up the good choices for a healthy lifestyle.

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Feel and Look Rejuvenated with Five Effective Body Treatments

Feel and Look Rejuvenated with Five Effective Body Treatments

Do you feel looking older even in your early 30’s? If yes, then this may be happening due to the wrong choice of meals, hormonal changes, sun exposure, ageing factors, and various other factor that may trigger up various problems associated with body. Say bye-bye to older looking appearance, and make yourself feel and look rejuvenated than before with the use of five treatments including best lip augmentation treatment. Let’s discuss about all the five treatments below one by one!

Lip Injections: The Best Lip Fillers & Injection Techniques

Below are the five effective treatments to attain rejuvenated appearance:

PRP rejuvenation:

Utilize the richness of plasma rich platelet to improve the facial volume and shape. The process give rise to the growth of new tissue. In this procedure, the professional skincare experts mix the own blood of the person with dermal fillers. However, you must check out whether you are undergoing the procedure in the supervision of a professional to avoid any side-effects.

Lip augmentation procedure:

Get full, soft, and bright lips with the added color with the use of lip augmentation procedure. This procedure includes the use of gel filler which is made from a hyaluronic acid. This injects into the lips and rejuvenate their appearance as compared to before.

Face lift up solution:

Lift up your face skin and look exceptionally beauty eve better than before with the use of instant face lift up treatment. Consult your dermatologist at first to know whether the treatment for your skin or some other procedure is required.

Melasma treatment:

Due to ageing, skin irritation, hormonal changes, and sun exposure, the problem of melasma may arise. This cause tanned patches on the skin, and reduce the overall appearance of the skin. You can get rid of this problem with the use of best treatment for melasma, and look exceptionally beautiful than before.

Weight loss procedure:

Are you feeling that you are gaining extra weight? If yes, then you can get rid of extra fat and reshape your body with the use of HCG treatment. This process includes the use of hyaluronic acid, ad make you feel and look slim and beautiful than before.

The Bottom Note:

Pre-booking has made easier with the use of online platforms as compared to the offline mode, as it allows you to visit the clinic freely, and save your overall time and energy. Consider the website of MD Laser and cosmetic for various skin and body treatments due to the expertise and service. All the treatments are performed by a skin and anti-aging treatments expert, Dr. Susan Lin. Get the best assistance by signing up with your details on the official website. Visit the official website of MD Factor, and get the appointment.

Secrets to Feminine Wellness and Fitness Even After Childbirth

Becoming a mother is a wonderful feeling, but it costs your body structure and appearance. Generally, the skin gets wrinkled and the body starts looking older than now after childbirth, and females start losing the feminine wellness and fitness together. In this blog, you will get to know the top five secret procedures to attain feminine wellness and fitness together. The procedures include cellulite treatment San Francisco and four other treatments. Let’s discuss them one by one below!

Following are the top five secrets to feminine wellness and fitness that really help:

Cellulite treatment:

Do you have cellulite on your body? If yes, then these cause saggy skin, and poor skin appearance. You can get rid of cellulites, and start looking younger than your age with the help of cellulite treatment. Get the consultation of experts over the same, and build your appearance better than before.

Female urinary incontinence:

Female urinary continence is a major throwback why females feel discomfort and various intimacy related problems especially after childbirth. Even the young girls may experience female urinary incontinence, which is a not a good sign for health. No issue! You can get rid of such health problem with the utilization of various options that aid normal condition for intimacy.

Feminine rejuvenation:

Checking the feminine wellness and health is one of the essential you must take into account. You can regain and continue with the feminine wellness that helps you to say healthy and confident at the same time. Get the best treatment for intimate feminine rejuvenation with MD Laser and Cosmetic, a leading place for various female rejuvenation procedures.

Mommy makeover:

Do you have wrinkled or saggy skin due to the childbirth? If yes, then you need not be worried about the older looking skin anymore due to the availability of the various female feminine wellness restoring procedures. Mommy makeover is a combined solution for the wrinkled or saggy skin, as it tucks and repair the skin. Undergo this procedure, and make yourself beautiful than before.

All of the above mentioned treatment can help you to go forward with feminine wellness if you choose a reputed medical specialist. Make sure that you are researching enough on the service provider to experience the best services.

The Bottom Line:

Book an appointment for feminine rejuvenation procedures through the online mode on the website of MD Laser and Cosmetics to get your maximum time and efforts as compared to the offline mode. It is a renowned service provider for various treatments, so you can freely choose any of them, and experience the best solutions.

What Are The Tips For Staying Fit While On Vacation

What Are The Tips For Staying Fit While On Vacation

It is difficult to stick on a diet while on vacation. Because staying fit is becoming less of a priority when we are supposed to enjoy our summer breaks once in a while with our busy lives. But there is no reason to totally ruin the months of hard-earned efforts in a week’s vacation. 

By eating smart, everyone can eat some of your favorite foods while staying fit. Just keep your caloric intake to a maintenance level.

Use the 80/20 calorie rule:

Spend 80% of your calories per day on healthy foods like you would eat back home and 20% on the things you like, but never eat or don’t have available at home. For instance, if you like cheesecake, order a slice and eat half of it. 

Your staple should still be fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats which are readily available in most resort areas. Watch the drinks. The calories in sugary ones like Pina Coladas and others with the little umbrellas can really add up.

Instead opt for a light beer, red wine or something straight on the rocks like tequila. 

While you are most likely eating the number of calories, you need to lose weight while at home, bump up the number of calories to maintenance; that is normally a 500 calorie per day increase.

If you keep your exercise level about the same, you won’t gain weight and you can start up where you left off after vacation. Staying fit isn’t really hard at all.

Tips for staying fit while on a vacation:

Do morning workouts:

Exercising before breakfast is one of the best ways to get your metabolism revved up, and can last for most of the day. 

Most resorts have an exercise room that guests can use. If you like being outside, sign-up for Zumba on the beach, yoga or water aerobics. Nobody says working out has to be boring. Or just swim laps in their pool. It is all fun!

Engage in fun calorie-burning family activities:  

Family activities are a great way to burn calories and still have quality family time. If at an ocean-side resort, check out some snorkel gear and see what is under the surface of the sea. Snorkeling is a great calorie burner. Pack a Frisbee in your luggage. It doesn’t take up much room and weighs next to nothing, yet it can provide hours of good exercise. 

Another great calorie burner is walking along the beach:

The soft sand makes you work harder than walking on a smooth surface, plus it works different muscles in your feet and legs making them stronger. 

By exercising about the same while on vacation and eating at the maintenance level, you can have a good time and not blow your diet while on vacation. Eat smart, exercise safely and have fun.


How about you? What are the things you enjoy doing during a vacation with your family or friends while staying fit at the same time?

Share your thoughts with us by putting your comments below.


Is Summer The Ideal Time To Set Fitness Goals?

Is Summer The Ideal Time To Set Fitness Goals?

Fitness Goals for the Summer

If you’re one of the 98 percent of people who fell off the New Year’s resolutions wagon months ago, we have good news for you!! Experts say summer is the ideal time to set fitness goals. It’s the combination of warmer weather, longer days, and more options for staying active. This is a potent recipe for sticking to your resolutions.

What to do during Summer?

Take It Outside

Summer opens up a wide range of outdoor workout possibilities—from running, hiking, kayaking to waterskiing. Together with the obvious benefits, a recent study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows that exercising can boost your immune system, relieve stress and elevate your energy levels.

Plus, being outdoors raises your level of vitamin D—which improves your heart health, promotes healthy bone growth and can boost your mood. Mixing up your workout will keep you motivated and less likely to become bored or quit.

Keep Your Options Open

There will be times when exercising outside may not be an option—when it’s too hot or too dark. That’s not an excuse for missing a workout. Find places to exercise inside. For example, power walk in an indoor mall, jump rope, stair step or even dancing. These are some great alternatives if you do not have at-home exercise equipment,

The fewer barriers there are, the more likely you are to stick with your fitness goals. Even if you hop on your treadmill to walk while watching your favorite TV show, you are burning more calories than if you were sitting on the couch—or doing nothing at all.

Get Fit As A Family

As the saying goes, the family that plays together stays together, and summer is the perfect time to explore new activities. Geocaching treasure hunts, guided night hikes, and underwater hockey are all exciting alternatives to letting the kids spend hours glued to their electronic devices.

Another way to keep your family moving is with Fitness Video Games for kids that adults can also participate.

The best fitness video games for kids are ones that are fun to play and get the heart pumping at the same time! Some good suggestions are ones that offer fun and challenging balance games. Everyone will be so focused on getting the highest score. They won’t realize they’ve been exercising. Use your favorite streaming player to broadcast onto the TV screen or tablet so you can take it outside.

The more your kids enjoy the activity, whether it be playing sports or playing exercise video games, the easier it will be to make exercise a regular part of their daily routine. Furthermore, the less exercise feels like work and the more it feels like play may be all the motivation your kids need to get up and get moving!