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Brown Spots

Instant brown spot removal with Photo facial and IPL

The gold standard technology uses Photo facial treatment to safely remove pigment spots on any part of the body.  Pigmentation is lifted to the surface of skin and falls off within one week.

Who develops sunspots?

Sunspots or Brown spots are very common skin discolorations and they usually appear in people who have had extensive sun exposure or sunburns.

instant brown spot removal

What causes sunspots to appear?

Age, genetic predisposition as well as history of sunburns and tanning beds are all associated and have been linked to development of sun spots. There is a direct correlation link between exposure of sun’s harmful ultraviolet and development of sunspots.

Where do sun spots appear?

The most common locations for sun spot development is on sun exposes surfaces such as face, neck, décolletage, upper back and shoulders, forearms and back of the hand.

How does IPL Photo facial work?

It’s super powerful and yet gentle on the surrounding skin, which is able to precisely treat all sizes of brown and red spots.  The treatment is very fast and is virtually painless after topical anesthetics.  No excisions, no cutting, no scars.

What can Dr. Lin offer?

Expert and detailed skin consultation to determine depth of skin pigmentation and effective topical and treatment options.  We offer prescription strength fast acting fading creams and mesotherapy with growth factor to stimulate new skin regeneration.