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You may find the topic embarrassing … but not to worry: the problem of losing sensation in the clitoris and labia areas is truly common for most women – especially after child birth.

The encouraging news is that Dr. Susan Lin, a board-certified surgeon and gynecologist for over two decades, has developed a product that has been the solution for thousands! Intimate Restore is a revolutionary, game-changing product that could well be the answer to reviving your sex drive!

This light, fragrance-free serum was formulated with cutting-edge plant stem cell technology; and developed specifically to regenerate the 8,000 nerve endings in the outer part of the labia and clitoris.

And it’s incredibly simple to use: just apply once per day, after bath or shower, like you would a moisturizer over the outer part of the vulva and clitoral area.

Within days, you’ll not only find a return of sensation to the area, but you’ll also notice the skin becoming firmer with a more youthful appearance – like it was in your 20’s!

  • Free of hormones, fragrances, parabens, irritating chemicals, and synthetic colors.
  • Uses the natural regenerative properties of stem cell derived cytokines, anti-aging peptides, and natural antioxidants to restore youthful appearance and sensitivity.
  • A combination of potent ingredients that work together to restore sensitivity, moisture, and firmness.
  • An easily absorbed, non-greasy serum that leaves no residue.
  • 90 applications.

MD Intimate Restore was created for the sexual well-being of any woman, and is formulated with:

Peptides: These rejuvenate the skin and provide anti-aging benefits.

Green Tea: This provides powerful antioxidants.

Amino Acid Complex: This proprietary complex greatly improves circulation, in addition to anti-aging benefits.

Please click on the video below to learn more from Dr. Susan Lin — the board-certified surgeon and gynecologist — who created Intimate Restore.

Viagra For Women  Viagra for women   

Posted by Patty R. on 30th Jul 2015

Thank you Dr. Lin for understanding womens’ needs. Finally a Viagra for women!

Thank You   

Posted by CJ on 28th Jul 2015

Thank you for helping me enjoy being intimate again. I thought something was wrong with me but this has helped me feel good again about sex. It took about 1 week to notice the difference.

Girl’s New Best Friend  

Posted by L M on 27th Jul 2015

This nice serum is so easy to use. I have used other MD Skin products and was curious about Intimate Restore. VERY happy with it. Area feels moister and firmer. Would recommend it!