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Background information on HCG Weight Loss

  • Over 65% of Americans (160 million people) are overweight or obese.
  • Current economic situation results in less expensive and more fattening foods consumed.
  • Most diets fail. because
  • most will loss fat and lean muscle
  • Slower metabolism from lean muscle loss
  • Decrease in metabolism results in excessive weight gain.
  • With increase in age or imbalance of hormones we can gain weight (decrease growth hormone, testosterone, DHEA, thyroid and increase in cortisol. Women loses 25-35 lbs in 6 weeks. (1/2 to 3/4 pound per day)
  • Emotional issues (stress, depression and anxiety) will cause rise in cortisol and increase in abdominal girth.
  • People that skip breakfast are 450% more likely to become overweight and obese.
  • Diets that cause muscle loss: starvation, VLCD (less than 800 calories/day, Ketosis, long term appetite suppressants eating less than 3 meals per day.
  • HCG is a glycoprotein produced in pregnancy that stimulates production of progesterone to allow uterus to sustain a fetus. It is the indicator for pregnancy test. Protects and nourishes the fetus by delivering caloric nutrition to fetus by obtaining nutrition from the mother.
  • HCG used for medical treatment for hypogonadism in men and infertility in woman
  • During pregnancy, if the mother does not eat enough to nourish the fetus, the HCG will provide adequate nourishment by obtaining calories from the mother’s fat reserves and feed the baby.
  • Works in women by elevating hormones to increase in metabolism, targets abnormal fat if on VLCD and spares lean muscle.
  • Men have genetically a higher metabolic rate and less body fat than women. SO they can lose more weight quicker then woman.
  • Women loses 25-35 lbs in 6 weeks. (1/2 to 3/4 pound per day). Postmenopausal woman loss average of 25 pounds. Men lose average 30-45 pound in 40 days.  (1 pound per day)
  • HCG works on the hypothalamus gland in brain to regulate thyroid, metabolic rate, adrenal glands and storage of fat. To target and mobilize stored nutrients within the fat cells by shrinking and draining the fat cell’s contents. Liquefied nutrients are then released into the bloodstream for the body to utilize as source of natural energy.  Up to 2000 calories may be delivered in a single day, thus decreasing hunger, increasing energy and metabolism.
  • Benefits of HCG for weight loss
    • Fat Burning
    • spares lean muscle
    • protects the structural fat
    • target abnormal fat and problem areas on the stomach, buttocks, thighs, arms, chests, and chin.
    • increase metabolism by raising hormone levels on a small scaledecreases cravings for sweets and appetite.
    • Labs: CBC, TSH, T3, T4, HCG, E2. for men Test and total test.