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Right around the time a child turns 2 or 3 years old they begin to develop a sense of independence. This happens in many cases because your child is looking up to an older sibling. They want to be like, act like and do things like their older brother or sister.

Use Your Child’s Older Sibling as a Healthy Eating Role Model

Young girls and boys naturally look up to their older sisters and brothers. Yes, they may argue and fight from time to time, but looking closely, you can recognize behaviors, attitudes and verbal clues that shows your fussy eater actually respects and wants to be like his older sibling.

Get the older child involved. Tell him how much his little brother or sister looks up to him. Then tell them how important eating healthy foods is. Doesn’t he want his little sister to grow up big and strong? Of course he does.

This can also help improve the bond between your children, make both your younger and older children feel better about themselves and their siblings. It additionally removes your role as the “mean person” that is always trying to make you child eat foods that she does not like.