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Move over ladies, guys are infiltrating the bathroom, and the health and beauty aisle. For years, men have claimed indifference to their appearance; however, the tides are changing. Today, men believe that appearance affects salary and career prospects, and nearly one-third of American males admitted to using women’s grooming products in the past. As men’s interest in personal care increases, the industry has been responding with products specially formulated for them.

Now, guys can trade in those rose-scented, pink shampoo bottles for more manly options that address their specific needs. There are many shampoo and conditioning products designed exclusively for the guys.

While guys’ hair is not technically different than women’s, men have different hair concerns, such as thinning and dandruff, and desire products with a masculine yet not overpowering scent. Additionally, men’s activity levels can impact hair’s condition and require different cleansing and conditioning formulas. Therefore, men can benefit from using products tailored to their needs.

Grenetin, is very popular since gelatin is produced from it. Grenetin is a protein that is found in the bone, skin, and cartilage. Add this protein to the bottle of shampoo, that you use every day, and shake it until well mixed. Then apply normally and rinse it off after. But, if you would like to get better results, try dissolving Grenetin in a half cup of warm water and applying it on your hair to rinse it off afterwards.

Olive oil has properties that also helps strengthen hair. It also causes your hair to stop looking opaque, by making it shiny and moisturizing it. To achieve this, just add two teaspoons of oil on dry hair before showering.

Eggs are another option for strengthening hair. Eggs are rich in vitamins E and D, which are fundamental for strengthening hair and nails. You can get these benefits by eating this product, or you can get better results if apply it directly to your hair.

Honey is a huge help for weak or brittle hair, or the kind that falls out easily. Because of nutrients in honey strengthens and gives your hair body. Add a little honey to your hair and spread it with your fingertips or lightly massage so that the honey soaks in deeper. After 15 or 20 minutes (time for the honey to act), remove it with warm or hot water or shampoo. Using honey daily can also clear your hair up or give it a glimmer. Honey is also used in some store-bought shampoos to produce the same effect.

Simple Ways to Achieve Great Hair

  • Thinning hair is a frequent complaint among guys. To help prevent breakage, look for products that fortify and hydrate with strengthening ingredients, like naturally derived vegetable proteins (e.g., Bamboo Extract) to help reduce breakage.
  • Dandruff affects both males and females but can be more noticeable on men because of their shorter hair length. To combat dandruff, look for products containing pyrithione zinc.
  • For athletic guys or those who spend a lot of time outdoors, a deep cleansing product can eliminate residue and buildup for clean, fresh hair. Also, baseball caps can trap dirt and oil that weighs hair down, so a clarifying product is a must-have for frequent hat-wearers.
  • Protect hair by using products that contain conditioners, which coat and seal hair to strengthen it. For severely weakened hair, use a deep-conditioning protein treatment once a week. Strong hair is less brittle and better able to withstand the elements.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Hair, like the rest of our body, is affected by the foods we eat. A diet rich in nutrients will make hair healthier and stronger.

If you tried and you are still having problems achieving beautiful hair, call Dr. Lin for MD Hair.