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THERMIva Vaginal Rejuvenation

What is Thermiva?

ThermiVa treatments deliver controlled thermal energy to the desired areas – external (labia) and/or internal (vagina) – using the samet technology that has been used for years to reduce the effects of aging. The complete ThermiVa procedure includes 3 separate treatments over a period of 3 months.

How it Works

ThermiVa treatments use temperature controlled radio frequency energy to gently heat tissue so that women can reclaim, restore and revive feminine wellness without discomfort or downtime. Physicians using ThermiVa are pleased, and patients reporting excitement about a new treatment option for women who wants results without surgery.

What Patients Have to Say

“ Such a comfortable and pleasing treatment with absolutely no complications. Immediately I felt my labia and vulva to be tighter, a lot less saggy, and a definite “WOW!” in the way it looked. So much more moisture and less irritation in my jeans and softer and smoother skin. Funny how a simple treatment can give so much confidence. After the first treatment I definitely felt tighter inside my vagina, was able to have more muscle control, and did not leak urine anymore! I used to sit down and pee and then dribbled down my legs when I stood up. My muscle control was not good. That all went away immediately after the ThermiVa treatment! I did not have to wait two weeks for this effect. I could now stop and start my urine flow as I wished! It was really amazing to do that again after so many years of no control. I am so relieved that now I have something I know can help me with my personal and intimate needs. This is definitely a life changer that needs to get out to the world….I will see you soon. ”

– Patient AL2

“ My labia had become loose and a bit saggy and no matter how many Kegels I did, my vagina felt large and loose. Sex was ok, but I had lost some confidence in myself and ability to please my partner. ” After ThermiVa: “ I didn’t really know what to think about “the procedure performed”, but there was no down side to it. There was no pain during or after, no burning, no discharge, no mess. After the first treatment in a series of three, I was surprised that my labia seemed closer to my body and there also was some vaginal tightening. It was after the second treatment that I noticed a significant difference. My labia were fuller and softer and my vagina was noticeably tighter. Sex became better for both of us I could feel him more and sex was more pleasurable for both of us. I did not think things could get tighter or sex better, until after the third treatment. I feel better about myself, more youthful and sexier. My partner is a happy man and our sex life, which was good, is now better than ever. ”

– Patient AL4

“ The treatments have really been wonderful and quite easy. I had no blisters, no burns, no discharge, and not a single complication. I had sex the same day of my treatments and I went to my gym immediately and it’s as if no procedure had been done. It’s crazy! All I felt was pleasing warmth on my labia and my vagina. Putting a tampon inside is probably more uncomfortable than using your device. Your device was smooth and rounded and not scary at all. The first treatment definitely got me tighter and my husband and I loved it. It wasn’t’ immediate for me and it took me two weeks before I felt significantly tighter. I got tighter more after the second treatment and then even more after the third treatment. For sure I can feel my husband more and I’m definitely tighter. I couldn’t have multiple orgasms in the past now I’m able to have multiple orgasms for the first time in my life. I have more sensitivity. Anyway this is probably the best lunchtime rejuvenation available out there! I’d pay for this procedure over and over and over! ”

– Patient AL5

“ First of all, ThermiVa was a gentle and comfortable massage-like treatment that caused absolutely no discomfort for me. It was nice for me to guide the treatments by telling you to go up or down on the heat. No anesthesia, no zaps, no numbing creams to use. My majora felt tighter and more snug, less bulgy and fatty, and much more comfortable in my jeans with less rubbing irritation. Internally, my vaginal definitely feels tighter in the opening and down deep. My partner certainly noticed the tightening and better lubrication and he was a very happy camper. I noticed more wetness too and was surprised how much it was when I was aroused, a very pleasant surprise. Getting to my orgasms took a shorter period of time, which was great. The orgasms felt amazing and quite different than my usual. It was better. It is hard to describe other than to say it felt really good. I am extremely happy with what I have experienced in ThermiVa Treatment #1. I will definitely tell others about this and will recommend it highly. ”

– Patient AL6

“ I started menopause when I was 50 years old. Menopause came with alot negative side effects such as hot flashes, irritability and most of all the inability to produce sufficient vaginal lubrication during intercourse. The inability to produce sufficent vaginal lubrication started as uncomfortabe during sex and over the years became so painful that during the last 10 years of my marriage I stopped having sex completely. I could not use oral hormone replacements due to an extrememly high incidence of breast cancer in my family and my ob/gyn did not offer any suggestions to alievate the problem besides the use of over the counter lubrication which quite honestly made intercourse bearable but certainly not pleasant for me. I stopped having sex with my husband and the result was devastating as we grew further and further apart due to the loss of our intimacy. In 2012 I lost my husband to brain cancer and although I was still fairly young, I decided I would live my life alone as I knew my limitations NO SEX. Then the unthinkable happened, I met a man (12 years my junior) that after spending an extensive time together we fell in love, I had truly meet my “Soul Mate”. So I decided I really needed to try to have sex and it ended in disaster. Not only was it painful, he was unable to gain full penetration and I suffered urinary tract inflamation immediately following sex. Prior to menopause I use to have such a healthy sex life and loved the physical and psychological aspects of sex and now I was faced with ending a relationship that was so beautiful and perfect EXCEPT I could not share and experience sex with someone I truly loved. I did everything possible to find a solution, I purchased dialators to strech the vaginal muscles, I applied every kind of lubricant I could find on the internet including purchasing products in England and Canada, nothing worked sufficiently. You offered a procedure you called ThermiVa which you used on my vagina both internally and externally. The procedure was quick an extremely comfortable and relaxing. After only my first treatment I initiated sex with my husband with great fear that I would still have the pain and discomfort but you told me to give it a try. OMG!!!! Not only was it not painful for me it was the best orgasm I had experienced in the past 20 years, and the same was true for my husband, he said it was amazing how firm and tight I was, but the real difference was all the natural lubrication that I was now producing. My life is changed forever. ”

– Patient AL62

“ I was getting worse and worse and more insecure and upset when I laughed, coughed, ran, bent down, and many times with no rhyme or reason urinating. I started making fun of myself with my close girlfriends! After 3 years of it getting worse I looked into getting a bladder lift and started the process until my doctor told me about ThermiVA. The testimonials were all positive so I thought why not me? First and foremost I had my consultation with Dr. Ong, her ease and comfort making me feel comfortable in a subject that seems to be not talked about often made me feel relaxed. Being a pioneer of the technique and a student of the founder of ThermiVA was also a big plus for me. I had my first treatment and to my surprise I experienced immediate positive results! I give it a few more days, then a week and a month passed by and I did not loose even 1 drop of urine! My vaginal walls have tightened and I do have more sensitivity during sex. I have already referred one of my best friends to this amazing treatment and after her 1st treatment she is having the same results as me! Now I’m telling all of my sisterhood who I know experience these same issues….There is help for us ladies and we are not alone!!! Dr. Ong and her staff are AMAZING!!!! DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE!!! ”

– Patient ON21

“ I did not tell my husband that I was getting it done. But he noticed that I was initiating intimacy more often. He finally just flat out asked what was going on. He is not so grumpy now. ”

– Patient DI12

“ Trying to have intercourse without using external lubrication was out of the question due to discomfort for both of us and a damper on the mood. I have not used any since my treatment. Definite improvement.”

– Patient DI14

“ I have noticed a significant difference in my confidence with arousal, foreplay, and sex since the treatment. ”

– Patient DI16

“ I don’t fake it anymore… ”

– Patient DI17

“ It was tough for me to reach orgasm prior due to minimal sensation. I have multiple orgasms with sex and my husband knows that first one is just a warm up. I am very tingly…like it was before the children. ”

– Patient DI18

“ I came in for one concern but was pleasantly surprised that I had an improvement in other areas. ”

– Patient DI19

“ Vaginal tightening? Doc, you the man! ”

– Husband of Patient DI20