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It’s that time of the year … the time when we switch from summer to fall. Start with a tune-up of your car … and then do a tune-up of your skin!

As the season changes, you may notice that your skin changes. For example, those with oily skin may notice their skin becoming somewhat drier; or some with normal skin may feel as though their skin has become exceptionally parched.

Take a close look at your skin. Do you see more lines and wrinkles because of the dry fall air? Is your skin burned by the blowing fall winds, making your skin look flaky and dull?

Check out the recommendations below. MD offers a premium skincare collection – totally physician formulated – to keep your skin beautiful throughout the fall … and all year long!

Deep Cleansing

As temperatures fall, skin glands produce less oil. That’s why you will want to switch to a moisturizing cleanser. Try the MD Ultimate Purifying Cream Wash. It provides deep cleaning plus the benefits of natural botanical extracts including aloe vera, cucumber, chamomile, kelp, yarrow, orange peel, and rose extracts. It removes make-up, yet it’s incredibly gentle and non-drying.

Minimizing Fine Lines

For minimizing fine lines, MD offers four hero products that were designed to work together for amazing results in as little as 30 days!

Follow a thorough cleansing with the MD Ultimate Stem Cell Factor 55. This breakthrough serum is a youth-activating elixir formulated with up of 55% active stem cell factors. It delivers fast results that lift, firm and illuminate the surface of the skin.

The next step is to apply the MD Ultimate Eye Cream. You’ll see that it instantly restores lost volume under the eyes and improves circulation, reducing puffiness and under-eye circles. This product is also great for the delicate skin on the neck.

Next, you’ll brighten the skin with the MD Anti-Aging Skin Brightening Cream. This rejuvenating lightening cream provides antioxidant protection, hydrates the skin, and fades “brown” spots, “age” spots and other discoloration .

Now slather on the MD Vitamin C Serum. Your skin will drink up this lightweight serum, as it penetrates deeply into your skin helping to support collagen production, increasing skin firmness and elasticity and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also excellent for repairing and preventing sun-damage. You’ll truly become addicted to that luminous glow you get with the MD Vitamin C Serum!

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

Sunscreen is a daily necessity! You may not be laying on the beach, but that doesn’t mean you can skip the use of sunscreen.

The MD Mineral Sunblock SPF 58 offers mineral-based. oil-free protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. It feels extraordinarily light on the skin and it’s formulated with a slight tint to make it easily blendable.


MD Ultimate Purifying Cream Wash MD Ultimate Purifying Cream Wash

This incredibly gentle cleanser provides deep cleaning; and because it’s concentrated, only a dime-sized amount is required. Recommended for normal to dry skin types.

 Ultimate Stem Cell Factor MD Stem Cell Factor 55

MD’s most powerful anti-aging serum. As the stem cell factors encourage skin cell regeneration, skin becomes breathtakingly radiant and even. Noticeable firmness will be restored.

MD Ultimate Eye Cream MD Ultimate Eye Cream

This luxurious eye cream is formulated to replenish, firm, and moisturize the eye area.

MD Anti-Aging Skin Brightening Cream MD Anti-Aging Skin Brightening Cream

The MD Anti-Aging Skin Brightening Cream uses DCP to reduce hyperpigmentation and discoloration which can be caused by sun damage, acne scarring, and other factors.

Vitamin C MD Vitamin C Serum

This water-based serum glides on easily, and unlike other Vitamin C products, retains its potency because it remains clear and does not turn yellow for one year after opening. It’s formulated to boost radiance and improve skin texture.

Mineral Sun Block MD Mineral Sunblock

This medical-grade sun block was created with different particle sizes to effectively build an impassable physical barrier against UV rays.