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Sunken or Hollowed cheeks

We love high cheekbones.  It makes our face look youthful and beautiful.  As we age, we loss the volume in our face and our skin loses elasticity.  This causes our mid face cheeks to give in to gravity and make us look deflated and tired.  In addition, our bones get thinner and smaller leaving us with sunken cheeks and an exhausted looking face.

However you can easily restoring the natural youthful curve of the cheekbone, with fillers so we look instantly younger and refreshed.  This is call liquid face-lift as volume is reintroduced into the key positions of face to lift our cheeks.  As a result the lower eye puffy area gets improved as a bonus.

Experienced artistic injection is needed to avoid making a male feminine or female too masculine.  A little bit will go a long way to achieve a natural looking volume.
Dr. Lin is an expert injector who understands both female and male facial anatomy and is striving for the most natural looking result.

What options are currently available?

There are multiple options on the market ranging from permanent like cheek implants or silicon injections to semi permanent and reversible results with fillers. If you are looking for natural results with no downtime and virtually no side effects, your best options are HA fillers such as: Restylane, Restylane® Lyft, Juvederm® Ultra Plus or Juvederm Voluma®.  We also offer new FDA approved Silhouette Instalift and Nova Threads.
Reversible Hyaluronic Acid fillers:
Restylane will last from 9-12 months
Juvederm will last from 9-12 months
Juvederm Voluma will last from 18-24 months

All HA fillers are completely reversible. They differ in their viscosity and lifting ability. They range from thinnest filler like Restylane® Silk to the thickest Juvederm® Voluma.
During your consultation Dr. Lin will determine which option works best for you.

Natural fillers:

Fat grafting is autologous fat filler, which is obtained during liposuction procedure, where the fat is taken from one body site that has an excess fat tissue, and placed in another one, that is deficient, like the face, breast or buttock.
There are virtually no side effects and no reactions as this is a natural body substance and the results are permanent and lifelong.

Irreversible Fillers:
Radiess is an injectable filler composed of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a gel. CaHA is a mineral found naturally in bones and teeth. Over time, the microspheres stimulate the body to produce its own collagen, the gel is absorbed and the microspheres are broken down naturally, leaving behind only the newly formed collagen.
The results last from 18-24 months, the product is irreversible and is prone to developing bumps under the skin, which can be managed by an experienced physician.

Sculptra dermal filler made out of poly-L-lactic acid. It stimulates collagen production and is considered long lasting, with results that last as long as 2 years. It is often used to treat areas that are collagen and fat deficient: such as hollow temples, smile lines, sunken cheeks, or defined jaw line.

Thread Lifts

In the past few years, thread lifts have been very popular in Europe and Asia.  After US FDA approval 2 years ago, Silhouette Instalilift and Nova Thread are steadily gaining recognition as option for mid and lower face rejuvenation.

Silhouette Instalift is made of identical material as Sculptra so will stimulate collagen production  to improve overall skin texture and volume.  Nova Thread is made of PDO sutures used in surgery for 30 years.  It can be lay down in a meshwork to support skin and stimulate collagen production.  Both type of suture lifts are not permanent and will dissolve in 18 months for Instalift and 6 months for Nova Thread.

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