PRP Rejuvenation

PRP has been used for years to speed up recovery of injured tissue in sports medicine. PRP works by using your own platelets to stimulate your boy to secrete growth factors and stimulate new tissue.  For skin, this process would created new collagen for smoother and tighter skin with better tone and clearer complexion.   Your platelets can be introduced topically or with injection.

What is PRP?

PRP Rejuvenation often incorporates fillers with PRP – which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma – to enhance facial shape and volume. It is a simple in-office nonsurgical procedure which uses a concentrated serum processed from your own blood in conjunction with dermal filler to increase the effectiveness and longevity of those fillers…or alone to call in the natural collagen building process.

How does it work?

A small vial of blood is drawn from your arm similar to getting a blood test. The blood is then processed in a a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells and plasma. The process concentrates the platelet  into platelet-rich plasma – often called “liquid gold”  that injected into the skin – or applied topically in a surface regeneration action.

The Key to Success -Messaging cells into thinking there is injury and start to heal by producing new tissue

The plasma serum behaves the same way the body would respond if there were an actual injury – healing platelets rush in to create a rich fibrin mesh. This fibrin mesh in turn calls out to natural healing cells, releasing growth factors* and stimulating the process of fibroblast production (the cells that create collagen) to energize and heal.

What Should I Expect?

  • thicker dermis with reduction in wrinkles and scars
  • improved tone
  • healthier and younger looking skin
  • prolonged duration of fillers (Used with underlying fillers such as Juvderm, Restylane or Radiesse, the PRP serum prolongs and amplifies the filler correction with the need for less filler per treatment and a longer duration.)
  • **PRP is an emerging treatment for hair loss

Does PRP work for Hair Loss?

   Yes, there is clinical evidence that PRP is effective in treatment for hair loss.  

What is the newest innovation?

Direct usage of growth factor rather using PRP to generate the growth factor has been latest advancement.

Significant regrowth of hair was demonstrated after monthly treatment with growth factors after 4 months.  This study was published in The Latest Hair Regeneration Therapy Using Proteins Secreted by Adipose Derived Stem Cells The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery (vol 29. No 4, 2012) 

How much down time will I have?

You should experience 24-48 hours of swelling after the injection. 

How soon will I see the result?

Hair growth occurs at one centimeter per month so you should notice thicker and new hair within 4-6 weeks.   If the treatment is for skin, you should expect younger looking skin in 2-4 weeks. 

What are the most popular areas for the treatment?

Face, neck, chest, hands and scalp are the most common areas.

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