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Why are we the best choice for your laser hair removal?

At MD Laser Cosmetics, we are committed to giving you the best of all procedures experience. We have advanced technology that addresses all skin types, in contrast to most machines that can only treat light skin.

  • We use Palomar Starlux to provide laser hair removal, by using effective cooling. The effective cooling makes the procedure more comfortable.
  • We also keep your safety in mind, our laser is absolutely safe to use on all skin types.
  • We provide a time conscious and fast procedure with a large handpiece
  • We make available multiple ways to handle any discomfort
  • Treat all hair colors except white and blondes
  • Painless treatment, thanks to the effective cooling and anesthetic machines.

Which areas can be treated with laser hair removal?

People refer to the areas different when talking about the procedures and parts to be worked on. But generally, the areas are divided into large, medium and small.

Small area for laser hair removal:

  • Back of the neck

  • Front of the neck

  • Upper lip

  • Chin

  • Side burns

  • Nipples

  • Hair on fingers or toes

  • Hair on ears

Medium area for laser hair removal:

  • Under arms

  • Full arm

  • Half arm

  • Bikini

  • Brazilian bikini

  • Around belly botton

  • Buttock

Is laser hair reduction permanent?

Your genetics is an important factor in determining this, while some people require a full course procedure, others respond faster and require less treatments.

Here at MD Laser and Cosmetics, you would not have to stick with a particular routine. We can easily determine the number of procedures to be carried out to achieve your desired result, using the result of the first procedure.

One of the rampant wrong notion about laser hair removal is, the assumption that the hair will never grow again after completing the hair removal procedure. The truth is, the growth of new hair can still take place, only that it will not be as full as the previous. And some medical conditions and medicines like hypothyroid, polycystic ovarian syndrome, can trigger the production of excess hormones, that can cause continuous hair growth.

Do I need to continue maintenance treatment after my last laser hair removal treatment session?

The Laser hair removal procedure is inexpensive and generally very durable. However, depending on your hormonal status and genetics, you may and may not require maintenance treatment every once in a while. Keep in mind that the maintenance procedure differs from one person to another, depending on the part treated.

How many sessions does it take to treat one area?

Averagely, you require about 3-6 sessions to get a particular part treated. Note that, only the hair that is actively growing is affected during the procedure and this is about 15-20% of the hairs in a particular area. So, during the next procedure in about 4 weeks from then, ensure not to wax hair in treated areas as it would be needed to aid effective treatment.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Thanks to the advancement in technology, alongside the multiple comfort measures observed by experts, hair removal procedures have very mild discomfort. The most sensitive part is the bikini, especially during the first procedure, when the part still has much hair. With the availability of topical and soothing anesthetics, good machine and treatment from an expert, the pain is very mild compared to hair waxing. And the good news is, the pain, as well as the hair reduces with each procedure.

Is there downtime after Laser hair removal?

There is zero downtime after laser hair removal procedure! You can go about your normal routine immediately after the procedure.

Are there any contraindications to receiving Laser hair removal treatment?

To avoid contradictions and complications, the laser hair removal procedure is not recommended for the following set of people:

  • People getting radiation treatment on the area to be treated
  • Pregnant women
  • People suffering any kind of infection on the area to be treated
  • People with skin cancer or an history of skin cancer

How will my skin look after laser hair removal?

The appearance of the skin will be lightly reddish, with the hair follicle looking slightly raised and white, which is a positive response to the procedure. The redness and swellings may be obvious for a couple of hours and you will notice some hair falls.

Considering Laser hair removal but don’t know where to start?

If you have a laser hair removal procedure in mind but do not know how to go about it, below are some helpful tips :

  • You should know that, there are different types of lasers and they work differently.
  • It is not all lasers that are invented equally, and not all cosmetic centers provide a safe FDA authorized safe laser
  • As there are different skin types and hair colors, so are there different lasers created to effectively meet the needs of the different types

Why choose Laser hair removal vs waxing?

There is a notable difference between waxing and laser hair removal and this is, waxing involves a simple plucking of the hair from the hair follicle, with an healthy hair root still left, which encourages the growth of another hair. While laser hair removal, helps to skillfully get rid of and clear out the hair root, hair itself and hair follicle, totally wiping it out and discouraging the growth of another hair.

Red flags to pay attention to when trying out a new facility

If you notice any of the following, you are advised to settle for another facility for your procedure

  • Failure to record and note energy settings after each procedure session
  • Absence of a licensed nurse or physician on the premises
  • Failure to monitor or record your hair removal progress

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